Hypnotherapy in Guildford, Ashtead, and London


* “I had a challenging and stressful work assessment ahead, I had failed a few times before, not because lack of knowledge but due to a lack of self-confidence and an inability to manage an intimidating situation. Two sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques with Natalie gave me confidence to sail through the exams and assessments. I’ve continued to use the taught methods in similar situations since then. The sessions were pleasant and enjoyable, looking for something else challenging so I can go again!” – Tim


* “It is now nearly two years since we met and you called my fifty-year-plus smoking habit to account. I came to you more for the sake of my family than for myself, as I was very doubtful over the possible outcome. Even cancer had not stopped me smoking … I smoked fewer, but still smoked regularly [afraid to stop?]! The idea of me being a successful subject for hypnotherapy, given my past was, at the very least, questionable. The reality was extraordinary. After a generous amount of time given to a “simple” [but cleverly constructed!] question and answer session, during which I felt entirely secure and able to be open and frank, I stopped! I am most grateful as is my family who viewed my stopping as a miracle!! Thank you!” – Kevin


* “I have used Natalie Swanson for various goals I wanted to achieve and hypnotherapy was my weapon of choice. I have never been disappointed by the results. Most recently I went to see Natalie to stop smoking. The session takes a few hours and I literally stopped immediately. Its one of my proudest achievements which I gained through Natalie’s professionalism and guidance through the hypnotherapy process. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Natalie to anyone who is interested in the benefits of hypnotherapy to achieve goals.” – Karen


* “I just wanted to give you a quick update on how I got on with my best man duties at the wedding last weekend.  I am pleased to say that it was an absolute success!  I was a little apprehensive in the week leading up to the event but on the day everything just went perfectly!   The speech was a complete success with everybody laughing and clapping.  So many people came up to me afterwards and said it was the best speech they had ever heard at a wedding and remarked at how calm and confident I came across in my delivery.  I had used a lot of our NLP and hypnotherapy techniques in the lead up to the event which helped me loads.  I had even confused my conscious by telling myself that I was excited and looking forward to giving the speech to the extent that I was almost believing it as reality! Overall, a big thank you again for all your help with the hypnotherapy sessions.  They were an absolute success and I will continue to use the techniques and build on them going forward.” – Chris


* “Working with Natalie was such a positive and valuable experience. I saw her in the lead up to the birth of my first child and by using her techniques I was able to manage the majority of my labour at home myself and only went to hospital right at the very end for the delivery. With Natalie’s help, experience and techniques, my experience of child birth was calm, manageable and entirely positive. I can not recommend her highly enough.”  – Natasha


* “Years ago I had people make jokes about my singing voice, but chose to pursue that career anyway. Over the course of setting up my band, doing gigs etc I started to get the feeling there was an internal chokehold on my throat and my confidence got shot. I went to see Natalie Swanson who helped me understand that it was my body’s defence mechanism, protecting me from the ridicule that most artists fear. With just one lengthy session of self-esteem boosting hypnotherapy, I was able to get back on stage, no chokehold, full of confidence and now I enjoy singing again. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anybody and Natalie is so warm and understanding, she makes the whole experience so calming. Thank you again Natalie.” – Janet

It isn’t the things that happen to us in our lives that cause us to suffer, it’s how we relate to the things that happen to us that cause us to suffer. Pema Chodron